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These little stud earrings are such a favorite, both because of their low price, their fun shape, their bright colors, and their hypoallergenic posts. Great for adults and kids alike! At 3/8ths of an inch (just under a centimeter) in diameter, these are small enough to wear all the time, but big enough to be seen and admired.

These are tinier versions of our regular studs. They're about half the size but still pack a beautiful punch!

*Note*  Because of the process of making the studs (glue that makes the rings roll, and rings not easy to get in the "right" spots), there will be some variation in the look of the earrings from the picture shown. For example, some might be pink on one side, silver on the other, or pink and silver evenly mixed. I do try to get them evenly mixed but these little buggers are slick when the glue is wet!

Also, these are very closeup pictures. Because of this, any fine marks, excess glue or the spot where the rings butt up to each other is VERY noticeable. This is not the case when these are worn (unless you have someone up close to your neck... then they should be paying more attention to you and less to the earrings! ;) )

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Stud earrings - Tinies

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