Return Policy

This is pretty simple:

If it breaks because it just broke, I'll repair or replace it. (I will refund your shipping cost to send it back to me if it did break this way)

If it breaks because it caught on something and you, with the strength of the Hulk (or because you yanked it 50 times instead of un-catching it) broke it, I'll likely repair it.

If after seeing it online (and maybe even asking for more pictures and clarification to be sure), you get it and it's just "not right", I'll refund it (minus shipping cost to send it back to me) or replace it (see below for the only exception).

If it's the wrong size, I'll resize it to fit. (You will have to pay the first shipping fee to send it back. If it has to be resized again, I'll refund your shipping cost for the second "fix". Either way, I will pay for shipping back to you.)

If you run it over with your car, catch it on a chainsaw, decided to see how durable it really was by taking a hammer to it, or a badger grabs it off your wrist and tries to eat it, you're on your own. (for more information on the badger reference, ask Mike Stewart of Bark River Knife and Tool in Escanaba, Michigan. I never understood it either. Oh, and if you need an excellent knife, ask him as well. Best knife company ever).

There are two times the above does not count.

  1. ALL commissioned pieces require a non-refundable 50% deposit. If you don't like it after you get it, I will only refund 50% of your purchase price. No exceptions. Because this was made especially for you, I may not be able to sell it for the full price that was quoted. You are welcome to sell it yourself for what you paid for it in this instance.
  2. The European Braid bracelet will require a repair fee if it gets "un-braided". This is the ONLY bracelet that I charge to fix, and that's because I have to take it apart to fix it. This is explicitly noted in the description of the bracelet. If it breaks, and depending on how it breaks, this fee may or may not be waived.

    I do stand behind all my pieces, and I want you to be happy with your piece. I will try to make it right without completely "giving away the store" as it were.